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Organic Food Specialist from California - Member of CCOF/FLP/OTCO



Restaurant Services


Restaurant I-NABA Torrance
A stylish Authentic Japanese Cuisine"- All Kinds. Inaba is located along Hawthorne Blvd., going south to 405, in the market plaza to your right. The restaurant is always full, both for lunch and for dinner. Its specialties are soba, sushi, and tempura. Especially tempura, deep-fried in small size, quickens your appetite with its look and fragrant smell. We often come across ‘chef’s choice’ for nigiri, but here, in this restaurant, there is ‘chef’s choice’ for tempura, which is truly good. Soba is also served with flour freshly ground in the morning. There is also the elegant and traditional kaiseki cooking, a formal Japanese dinner.

Restaurant I-NABA South Coast Plaza

Located on the corner of MacArthur and Fairview, Restaurant INABA South Coast stands conveniently close to South Coast Plaza. An authentic sushi menu has been added to the spacious and newly appointed sushi bar at Restaurant INABA South Coast. The restaurant’s modern, yet, traditional Japanese-style interior was designed by Tokuhiro Barada from Tokyo, who is also in charge of interior design for all INABA group restaurants. Both the Restaurant INABA South Coast branch and Torrance branch are dedicated to authentic taste, loyally keeping to the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine. They are serving the same taste of sushi that you can find at Sushiyoshi, the authentic sushi restaurant in Ginza, and tempura with the taste from Tenmaru, the best tempura restaurant in Ginza, Japan. At the newly remodeled South Coast INABA, the popular hand-made soba is being served daily, as well as good old Ginza no Youshoku (Japanese traditional western dish).

Ichimi-Ann Torrance

A New Healthy Fast Japanese Food - Noodle". This is a soba restaurant, where you eat standing, in downtown Torrance. Freshly ground soba (buckwheat) flour from Nagano, a produce of Shinshu, is delivered. This restaurant is really something you can rarely see here and where Japanese people miss the most. They are real quick to serve but the way they provide is sophisticated and original. Soba flour is imported by refrigerated container from Nagano, Japan and it is made into noodle every morning. They say good thin Soba has to be prepared quickly otherwise it would be socked. Other than Soba, they offer home style Japanese rice bowls.

Tsubaki-Ann Japonica Dining Redondo Beach

A Cozy Dining Bar "Japanese in Western Style". Japonica, which just opened in August of this year, is a unique restaurant bar with original interior and atmosphere. The first thing you will notice on entering the restaurant is the lightened liquor shelf.....



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